Bike Blitz 4-week training program

Off-bike strengthening for on-bike performance

If you’re a cyclist, leg and core strengthening is the key to improving your performance. To learn more, download the FREE Bike Blitz Core Program

Bike Blitz has improved the performance of many happy cyclists. It can help you too.

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Here’s what you get in the Bike Blitz program

  • 4-week comprehensive exercise program
  • Core and weights-based training
  • Gym and home-based options
  • Bike set-up instructions
  • Simple, healthy and delicious recipes
  • On-bike and post-ride snack ideas
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Shopping lists
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Links to demonstration videos
  • Membership of private Facebook community
  • Member offers and discounts

Endorsed by health professionals

The Bike Blitz training program is an example of exercise and nutrition working together to produce brilliant results. Nicki Jennison combines her extensive education in human movement, her years of experience as a personal trainer, and her love of fitness and nutrition to deliver a program that would benefit every cyclist.

So often, food recommendations are tacked onto an exercise program as an afterthought. But Bike Blitz sets a new standard. Nicki’s food and nutrition suggestions focus on delivering the right amount of energy to the body, in the right quantities, at the right time. The food is healthy, natural and delicious. Recipes are designed to accommodate today’s busy lifestyles. Although it’s not a weight-loss program, you may find that you’re pleasantly surprised by the results, both on and off the bike!

Craig Beames


To be a good cyclist, you need strength. Strength doesn’t only come from time on the bike. In fact, training time spent off the bike is critical for building resilience.

The Bike Blitz Program is a simple yet progressive solution to cycling cross-training. It takes into account the postural demands and repetitive strain of cycling to help prevent injury and improve performance. I recommend it to any cyclist who wants to get more out of their cycling activities.

Tristan Chai

Physiotherapist, Good.Physio

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More Testimonials

Such good value for money, the programme is really well presented and easy to follow. The exercise videos really help, it’s great to have something to follow

I can already feel my core strength improving and I’m lasting longer on the bike with NO back pain! Such a difference, thanks so much

I’ve been making the most of commuting into work and getting fitter already by including the interval training days into my commute

3 weeks in and I am feeling stronger and looser already

The exercises are excellent and keep me motivated and on track

The food plan is so achievable, even the kids will eat all the meal

Such good value for money, the programme is really well presented and easy to follow. The exercise videos really help, it’s great to have something to follow

Find out more about Nicki Jennison, creator of the Bike Blitz Training Program

After observing plenty of recreational cyclists being frustrated by injuries and performance plateaus, personal trainer Nicki Jennison developed the Bike Blitz program to help beginner, intermediate and advanced cyclists improve strength, develop speed and build stamina. It’s a one-of-a-kind program that delivers big results.

Nicki is a personal trainer, fitness instructor and qualified secondary school teacher. She’s a keen cyclist, having taught static cycling classes for many years. Nicki loves cycling in the great outdoors, especially around the beautiful beachside of Adelaide, South Australia.

So hop off your bike and let’s get started