No-Equipment Exercises – Strength Training for Cyclists

As an athlete, building your muscle strength is highly important. Cycling involves repeated force production with your legs, one at a time. So, it is pretty obvious that you need to work out your legs and build strength in them. However, in addition to using your legs, cycling demands core strength for bike handling, climbing, and endurance, which makes overall strength training for cyclists extremely essential.  

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However, there are times, such as the coronavirus pandemic when hitting the gym for a workout and training is not possible. Or sometimes the weather outside makes it impossible for you to go out for a ride. These are the times when you can focus on strength training at home.  

Here are five great strength training exercises that you can do at home without any equipment or with the use of some basic stuff at home.  

Bodyweight Squat  

Squats form the core of any strength training workout. They are a multi-joint exercise that supports the strength building of the lower body. Generally, for cyclists who already have built lower body strength, bodyweight squats will not do much good for enhancing the strength but will help keep up with the muscle endurance and fitness level. I would highly recommend adding weights to your training. Squats are also helpful in building coordination and joint mobility.  


Lunges are a great exercise for cyclists because they are done one leg at a time, just like when on the bike. They help strengthen your quadriceps, hips, and hamstrings. There are several variations for doing lunges.  At the start, it is good to do them without any weights. You can later add weights to enhance the difficulty level. If you don’t have weights and need a no equipment at home work out, you can simply use filled heavy water bottles, shopping bags or laundry detergent buckets in place of weights.  



Planks are one of the most important strength-building exercises for cyclists. They mainly work the abs but are also great for your lower back, and shoulders and help build upper body strength, which is extremely important for handling the bike and climbing. Another great thing with the plank is that they can be done any time; all you need is a flat surface.  

Single-Leg Deadlifts  

Deadlifts are considered a great exercise for strength and endurance training. The single-leg version of the exercise is considered ideal for strength training for cyclists as it helps with balance. Each leg has to support the load independently, and this helps correct any muscle imbalances while also strengthening the hips, glutes, lower back and hamstrings.  

Single-Leg Glute Bridge  

A single leg glute bridge supports and strengthens the lower back, hips, and gluteal muscles. The exercise’s single-leg variation adds to the challenge in stabilizing the core and correcting any muscle imbalances.  

With these exercises, you can develop some good off-bike training. Remember, good off-bike training will always enhance your on-bike performance. So, keep up your workouts and training and build the necessary strength you need as a cyclist.  

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