Bike Blitz Training Program by Nicki Jennison

What is the Bike Blitz Training Program?

Bike Blitz is an off-bike training program for building on-bike strength, stamina and speed. It’s an e-program for cyclists of all abilities, with a choice of home-based or gym-based workouts and supported by a complete nutrition guide.

The results?

Better technique
Fewer injuries
Improved performance
Greater enjoyment
More confidence

Bike Blitz has everything you need to make the most out of cycling, whether you’re a road cyclist, mountain biker, BMXer, amateur athlete or a beginner. And it’s all in one professionally prepared, comprehensive, plan.

Why do cyclists need strengthening exercises?

In elite sports, it’s a given that athletes will do plenty of strength and conditioning training. It’s the key to peak performance, improving endurance and getting ahead of the competition.

For Nicki Jennison, it seemed logical to apply this knowledge to amateur cyclists. After all, plenty of amateur cyclists compete with themselves or with the pack, pushing themselves to work harder and do better.

But Nicki observed that many cyclists often developed injuries and other problems when they tried to improve performance by riding harder. Poor posture and technique caused injuries. Trying to push through the speed barrier often led to burnout and fatigue. And riding up yet another hill? Forget it.

Holding true to the old saying work smarter, not harder, Nicki saw the need for an off-bike program in which cyclists could focus on developing strength by working the muscles that cyclists rely on for peak performance. It would also need to focus on improving cycling posture, and honing technique.

The result? A one-of-a-kind, comprehensive training program: Bike Blitz.

If you’ve ever been at a loss to know how to improve your cycling speed and endurance, Bike Blitz will give you all the answers in an easy-to-follow guide.

Reduce your injuries.

Rehabilitate your body.

Renew your goals.

Want to know more about how Bike Blitz has helped other cyclists? Check out the Bike Blitz video testimonials

Nicki Jennison’s Bike Blitz program will help you reach your cycling potential

How an injury helped Nicki Jennison establish the Bike Blitz Training Program

In the beginning

Nicki Jennison grew up in England. An active, outdoorsy kid, her love of physical activity was firmly established by the time she started university.

While studying fashion design, she worked part-time as a group fitness instructor. It was the perfect uni student job for Nicki.

After graduating in 2000, Nicki set off to see the world. She visited Australia and fell in love with the climate, the friendliness and the positivity.

Who wouldn’t?

But reality beckoned and holidays ended. Nicki returned to London to work in fashion. But after six months, she knew she wanted to move to Australia permanently, and she needed money to do it.

Nicki hatched a plan:

First, she qualified as a personal trainer. Tick.

Second, she launched her own training business. Tick.

Third, through her business, she saved enough money to relocate. Tick.

It took three years, and plenty of sweat (mainly her clients’ sweat, and that’s another story), but she did it.

And off she went, armed with working visas for New Zealand and Australia.

Nicki landed in New Zealand first, working as a massage therapist near the Queenstown snowfields. Naturally, Nicki spent her free time snowboarding. She then managed a team of personal trainers in a New Zealand gym, before finally getting the green light to live and work in Australia.

In the meantime, Nicki met her husband-to-be in New Zealand, a fitness-loving Irish expat who was just as keen to move from the Land of the Long White Cloud to the Land of Endless Sunshine.

Setting up Down Under

Almost a decade after finishing university, and with her signature determination, perseverance and resilience, Nicki achieved her long-term dream of living Down Under.

She established her gym-based personal training business, Fitness Faster. Her reputation as a hard-working personal trainer grew. Her tailored training sessions, deep understanding of her clients’ fitness needs and her dedication to continuing education saw her emerge as one of Adelaide’s most sought-after trainers.

That’s right. Continuing fitness education. To provide the very best client service, Nicki constantly updates her skills and knowledge. Among Nicki’s many credentials are:

  • Diploma in Advanced Personal Training
  • Training in rehabilitation, stable shoulders, pre- and post-natal exercise, nutrition and weight management
  • Advanced coaching and group fitness circuit instruction
  • Training in human movement (applied functional science)
  • Training in boxing, strength training, Yoga, Pilates and RPM (static cycling)
  • CHEK – Scientific back training, core conditioning and advanced program design
  • Performance and recovery certification
  • Gut health for optimal metabolic performance certification.

She’s also a qualified secondary teacher, with specialist subject areas in physical education and art.
In her spare time, Nicki’s a pottery artist.

For years, Nicki has also operated a Yoga studio. She’s a devoted Yoga teacher, with a focus on clients who are rehabilitating from injuries.

The turning point

Nicki suffered a hip injury in 2012, which prevented her from running. This was a big blow to someone who’d loved the sport ever since she was a kid.

But it didn’t stop her.

It didn’t even slow her down.

Nicki decided that if she couldn’t run, she’d ride. After all, she’d already been a static cycling gym instructor for many years.

She dusted off her bike, hit the open road and got involved in some amateur cycling groups.

She loved it all: the scenery, the fresh air, the company.

But she noticed that other cyclists were:

Struggling with strength.
Getting injured.
Burning out.
Not hitting their goals.

She knew she could help.

Through her years of training, Nicki understood that strength and core training were crucial to improving times and fitness. She knew that proper cycling technique was the best way to prevent injury, and she knew that with the right strengthening exercises and foods, a specialised program could deliver exceptional results.

Around the same time, one of Nicki’s cycling friends asked her to develop a gym program to boost his cycling performance.

And so the path was clear.

The advent of Nicki Jennison’s Bike Blitz

Nicki set about developing an off-bike program to help cyclists achieve on-bike strength, speed and stamina. Her idea was to create a flexible program in which users could choose from workouts at the gym, or home, or a combination of the two.

The Bike Blitz Training Program became a winning strategy for cyclists seeking to improve their performance.

And now?

The Bike Blitz program has helped hundreds of cyclists to improve, restore, and set new goals.

Nicki continues to revel in her love of cycling, fitness and further study. For her, it’s a joy to see cyclists thrive after completing the Bike Blitz program.

The future is bright

Whatever the future holds for Nicki Jennison, Bike Blitz is sure to be a big part. Further programs are in the works, so stay tuned.

And possibly also world domination, but only if it comes with a good latte.

Bike Blitz

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