Bike Blitz Nutrition Program

A 4-week nutrition program for cyclists

An essential food guide for serious and recreational cyclists of all abilities, including recipes, snack ideas and shopping lists.

Are you looking for ways to improve your cycling performance? Is a lack of energy preventing you from hitting your cycling goals?

It can be frustrating, especially if you’ve spent time on strength training exercises, but you’re still getting too tired too soon.

The answer may be simple.

A nutrition plan for cyclists, specially designed for well-timed energy release and to help you push through.

Bike Blitz’s food program is nutritionist-approved and includes:

  • Healthy recipes that are quick to prepare and great to eat
  • Four weeks’ worth of daily meal plans to keep you on track
  • Omnivore Plan with Gluten Free and dairy free options and some Vegetarian options
  • Shopping lists to help you plan each week’s food
  • Nutrition guides so you can track your results
  • Snack recipes and ideas for longer rides and post-rides
  • On-line support from Nicki Jennison
  • Facebook community membership for guidance and advice
  • Exclusive discounts from Australian cycling websites and suppliers

Regardless of the type of cycling you’re into, and whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced cyclist, nutrition can make a big difference to your cycling performance.

The Bike Blitz Nutrition Program is an affordable, easy-to-follow digital guide. It’s emailed straight to your inbox, so you can start immediately.


Frequently asked questions

Will it take me a long time to cook and shop for food?

Nicki knows that you’re busy, so she’s made the food program as simple and time-effective as possible.

You’ll need to put a bit more energy into food during week one, as this is your set-up week. What you buy and prepare in this week will establish your supplies for the following three weeks, and you’ll be able to freeze many meals and snacks.

We recommend the shopping lists to make things even easier.

Is the Bike Blitz Nutrition Program a weight loss program?

The program focusses on proper nutrition, so you may find that you lose some weight, especially if your previous eating habits weren’t as good.

If your main goal is to lose weight, Nicki can help you out with a Fitness Faster weight loss program. Get in touch today to find out more.

Should I be doing the Bike Blitz exercise program as well?

If you’re already doing lots of bike strengthening exercises, you may not need the exercise program. But the nutrition plan is highly effective when paired with the exercise program. It’s worth considering buying the comprehensive plan if your goal is to improve your overall cycling performance.

Remember to drink plenty of water, both on and off the bike.
Take a spare water bottle on longer rides.

The Bike Blitz Nutrition Plan is a great way to improve your cycling performance and to boost your general wellbeing.
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