Bike Blitz Off-Bike Strength Training for Cyclists

A comprehensive 4-week fitness and nutrition plan for cyclists

Improve on-bike speed, strength and stamina with this specialised off-bike training program for cyclists of all abilities.

Bike Blitz is physiotherapist-approved for your peace of mind. It incorporates gym and home exercises to help you:

  • Improve on-bike posture to reduce the risk of injury
  • Develop core and leg strength for increased power, flexibility and stability
  • Access the latest knowledge for the fastest results


  • Choose gym or home-based exercise
  • Warm-up and cool-down stretches incorporating Yoga and Pilates
  • Quick workouts ranging from 20 to 60 minutes per session, three to four workouts per week
  • Two on-bike training sessions per week
  • Choose the ability level that’s right for you
  • Demonstration videos to help perfect your technique
  • Delicious, simple and healthy recipes
  • Nutritionist-approved daily meal plans
  • Omnivore Plan with Gluten Free and dairy free options and some Vegetarian options
  • Weekly shopping lists for your convenience
  • Nutritional guides for pre and post-exercise
  • Snack ideas for longer rides
  • Bike set-up instructions for optimum comfort and performance
  • Tools to measure your success
  • Weekly videos to keep you motivated
  • On-line support from Nicki for answers to your questions
  • Membership of Facebook community for guidance and advice
  • Exclusive discounts from Australian cycling suppliers

Why Bike Blitz?

Bike Blitz is a professionally designed program by personal trainer and cycling enthusiast, Nicki Jennison.

It’s thoughtfully divided into sections and weeks so that you can get the maximum benefit. With downloadable weekly instalments, you can work steadily towards your fitness goals.

And the best bit? You can get started right away.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bike Blitz the right program for me?
The Bike Blitz strength and fitness program is designed for cyclists with a range of fitness requirements and abilities. This program can help you if your goal is to:

  • Improve your fitness
  • Go faster
  • Compete
  • Join a cycling group
  • Recover from injury
  • Prevent injury

Whatever your reason, the Bike Blitz program can help.

Will the Bike Blitz Program suit my fitness level?
The program caters for a range of fitness levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Simply choose your fitness level and follow the instructions. If you’re finding the exercises too easy, move up to the next level. If they’re too difficult, move down to the next level. The program is also flexible enough for you to switch levels as you get fitter.
Won’t I get stronger if I do more cycling? Why do I need a strength program as well?
Professional athletes are great examples of why strength programs matter. Even sprinters spend time in the gym working on leg strength. They don’t just run endlessly around a track trying to get faster. Strengthening is recognised in all forms of sport as the key to improved technique, injury prevention and boosted performance.

And the same is true of cycling, whether you’re a regular or casual rider, amateur or professional, advanced or beginner.

Most cyclists try to improve performance by spending more time on the bike. Without strength training, it doesn’t work. Instead, it can cause injuries from:

  • Bad posture
  • Overworking some muscle groups while underworking others
  • Tightness and inflexibility
  • Burnout and fatigue

Bike Blitz combats these issues by focusing on the crucial basics of strength, flexibility and stability training. It’s a way to improve your cycling speed, strength and stamina without having to spend hours on the bike.

I don’t have a gym membership. Can I do the exercises at home?
Yes, you can. You can choose to do all of the home-based exercises for each week if you don’t wish to go to the gym. Or vice versa. Or you can do a combination of both.

Whatever method you choose, it’s best to follow the video guides to make sure you’re doing each exercise with the correct technique. This will maximise your results.

If I choose the home exercise program, will I need special equipment?
To achieve the best results at home, you will need a small amount of equipment. It can be found at reasonably priced stores such as Kmart.

You’ll need:

  • Three sets of dumbbells (light, medium and heavy weights)
  • Swiss ball (check packaging instructions to find your correct size)
  • Medium grade resistance band
  • Foam roller
Does the program allow me to ride my bike during the 4-week training period?
Yes. Getting back on the bike is an excellent way to measure your progress.

Each week has different recommendations for the type, duration and frequency of your rides, depending on your level of fitness and experience.

I don’t have much time to cook and shop for food. How time-consuming is the program’s nutrition component?
Bike Blitz’s nutrition component has been developed with busy lifestyles in mind.

Week 1 has a significant food focus, in which you’ll be shopping for food to set up your supplies for the following weeks. You’ll be preparing meals and snacks which can be frozen and used later.

If you’re willing to put in some effort for the first week, you’ll be able to ease off in the subsequent weeks.

There are shopping lists to make your trip around the supermarket as quick and easy as possible.

Will I lose weight on the Bike Blitz Program?
The Bike Blitz program is primarily a strengthening program. However, because its spotlight is on proper nutrition, you may lose some weight.  If your primary goal is weight loss, get in touch with Nicki to discuss a Fitness Faster weight loss program.
What exercises should cyclists do?
Cyclists should do strengthening exercises that focus on core, shoulder and leg strength, as well as stability and flexibility. The Bike Blitz program concentrates on these. It also includes Pilates and Yoga stretches for flexibility.
Is cycling good for core strength?
The simple act of pushing pedals on a bike won’t do much for core strength. But if you’re a keen cyclist, core strengthening exercises are central to your cycling performance.
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Bike Blitz

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